Peer Review Policy

We follow the double blind review process  by a panel of peer-reviewers with diverse knowledge and expertise in their specialties, and having a vast experience as researcher.
Expectations from Reviewers

    • To evaluate the manuscripts critically and provide comprehensive, speedy and unbiased but polite feedback to the author as well as to the editor regarding its suitability for publication.
    • The evaluation should include the assessment of its originality, importance, study design, material and methods, presentation of results, the relevance of conclusion to the objective of study and overall quality of manuscript.
    • To maintain the confidentiality of a manuscript forwarded for assessment.
    • Shall not copy the manuscript submitted for assessment.
    • In case he/she suspects misconduct like duplicate or redundant publication, the matter should be reported to the editor directly and confidentially.
    • Reviewer shall not communicate directly with the author and even not to identify themselves to
    • Reviewer shall make effort to meet the deadline (2 weeks) for the review of manuscript.
    • To be aware of any probable conflicts of interest and to inform the editor about it, if needed withdraw themselves from the peer-review process if a conflict exists.

Selection of Reviewers

    • Seventy five  percent of reviewers will be from Pakistan and 25% will be selected from abroad.
    • The editor may identify potential reviewers on the basis of personal knowledge of the topic or from among the authors of references in the manuscript, the membership of the society that publishes the journal, or computer searches of databases such as PubMed, Medline or by asking for names from reviewers who decline to review the manuscript (see below).
    • Authors may suggest reviewers for their manuscript. The editor may choose to use one or more of these reviewers, but are under no obligation to do so. (Authors may ask that certain people not be approached to review their manuscript, but editors are not obligated to accept these requests either).
    • The editor should ask reviewers, by telephone or e-mail, if they are willing to review a particular manuscript, and give them a date that the review is due at the editorial office (usually 2 weeks), rather than simply sending the manuscript to the reviewer.
    • The editor is responsible for keeping track of reviewers, and taking steps to make sure reviews are completed in a timely manner. Each peer review is rated by the editor assigned to the manuscript and stored with the reviewer’s profile in the Rapid Review reviewer database. This rating becomes part of the reviewing history of each peer reviewer, and can be viewed by the editors as they select potential reviewers for future manuscripts. The reviewer database also contains information on the reviewers’ areas of expertise; the number of previous invitations to review and number accepted; dates of submitted reviews, and days taken to produce reviews. Reviewers who consistently decline invitations or who write brief unhelpful reviews are eventually removed from the database.
    • To avoid overworking reviewers, each reviewer will be asked to evaluate not more than one manuscript per month.

If a reviewer does not complete a review on a timely basis, the editor should proceed with evaluation of the manuscript. He can make a decision to accept or reject the manuscript based on the comments and recommendations of another reviewer(s) or his own evaluation of the manuscript, or by seeking additional review.

Manuscript Processing and Peer Review Timeline

    • Submission to Desk review : approx. 1-2 Weeks
    • Forwarding manuscript for Peer Review : approx. 1-4 Weeks
    • Peer review : Approx. 1-2 Months
    • Major review by Editorial office : approx. 1-2 Months
    • Manuscript forwarded to the author for Correction/Revision: 01 Week
    • Time duration to re-submit the manuscript after corrections/revision by the author: approx 4 Weeks *(Author should ensure his/her response within the timeline, for smooth processing ; non compliance will result in non acceptance of article)*
    • Type setting : approx. 1-2 weeks
    • Publication of manuscript after issuing acceptance letter : Depends upon first come first basis  

Reviewers Reward

Reviewers are given free copy of latest issue of JIIMC. PKR 1000/- manuscript review is paid to the reviewers in Pakistan.