• Journal Riphah College of Rehabilitation Sciences

    Issues : 2 Per year 
    Electronic-ISSN: 2410-888X 
    Chief Editor: Prof. Dr Asghar Khan 
    Editor: Prof. Dr Arshad Nawaz Malik 
    Managing Editor: Dr Iqbal Tariq 
    Journal Website:                      
    Affiliation University website:

    Subject Area: Research related to all fields of Rehabilitation Sciences, including physical therapy, speech and language pathology, pain management, orthotics and prostatic, sports physical therapy and other related areas of Allied Health Sciences.
  • Journal of Islamic Business and Management

    Official Publication of Riphah Centre of Islamic Business (RCIB) 
    Category: “Y”   HJRS (HEC Pakistan)                                             ISSN: 2075-6291 ( Print ) | 2521-2249 ( Online )                                    
    Chief Editor: Prof. Dr. Anis Ahmad
    Editor: Mr. Muhammad Ayub
    Managing Editor: Dr. Khurram Khan
    Subject Areas: Islamic Banking, Takaful, Financial Markets, Management (Marketing, Human Resource, Organizational Behaviour, Islamic Work Ethics, Business Ethics and Micro Finance) 

  • Journal of Islamic International Medical College (JIIMC)

    Official Journal of Islamic International Medical College 
    Category: "Y" HJRS (HEC Pakistan)     ISSN: 1815-4080 ( Print ) | 2410-5422 ( Online ) 
    Issues : 4 Per year                                
    Chief Editor: Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Prof. Dr. Azhar Rashid  HI (M)
    Managing Editor: Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nadim Akbar Khan
    Subject Area: Research related to all fields of medical sciences, including preclinical and clinical sciences, psychology, rehabilitation sciences and medical education
    Journal Website
    Affiliation University website
    Email[email protected]

  • Riphah Journal of Islamic Thought and Civilization

    Frequency: Quarterly (4 issues per year)                                                                                      Patron in Chief: Hassan Muhammad Khan                                                                            Patron: Prof. Dr Anis Ahmad                                                                                                      Editor: Dr Muhammad Tahir                                                                                                        Associate Editor: Dr Muhammad Kashif Sheikh                                                                      Assistant Editors: Dr Muhammad Junaid Mughal (English), Dr Zabih Ur                            Rahman (Arabic), Dr Muhammad Ghayas (Urdu)                                                                      Managing Editors: Dr. Shehla Riaz (English), Dr. Inam ul Haq (Arabic), Dr. Hafiz              Waqas Khan (Urdu)                                                                                                                          Research Assistant: Technical Assistant: Mr. Adnan Sami Khan                                       Journal Website:                                                                              Affiliation University website:                                              Email Address: [email protected]                                                                                Scope of RJITC/ Subject Areas: Islamic Thought and Theology, Islamic Culture and Civilization, Islamic Studies, Islamic Education, Seerah and Islamic History, Fiqh and Usul al-Fiqh, Comparative Studies in Religions, Interfaith Dialogue, Contemporary Issues in Muslim Societies, Islam and Modern Social, Political and Economic Thought, Religion and Ethics/Morality, Religion and Health, Religion and Psychology, Religion and Science.